How it Began

Once we started looking for land in Southern Oregon, we had already decided we wanted to have a vineyard. As we continued to research the region, to our delight, we discovered that lavender also grows well here and once we found our perfect little farm, we knew we had to add a lavender field.

The lavender field was our first project when we arrived on the farm and what a project it was! We broke in our tractor tilling up a former horse pasture and spent many hours as a family picking rocks to prepare the land. In 2018 we planted 16 varieties of lavender, including purple, pink, white, and blue varieties of varying sizes. After a particularly wet February the following year, we lost nearly 20% of our plants, as they do not fare well in standing water. Fortunately, we were able to re-plant and resolve our water issues and we now have a thriving field.

Lavender in Southern Oregon

Lavender season in the Rogue Valley is typically from early June through mid-July. In our little microclimate, the first of the flowers begin to peek out by the end of May and by June, the field is in full color. Our French lavender varieties (Lavandula x intermedia) bloom a bit later and are full of color through early July.

We were very fortunate to discover a community of lavender farms in Southern Oregon. The Southern Oregon Lavender Trail is comprised of lavender farms and nurseries in the Rogue and Applegate Valleys. During lavender season, visitors can follow the trail from one farm to another discovering fields of purple and a myriad of lavender plants and products along the way. During the lavender festival, which occurs over two weekends in mid-June and early July, several of the farms bring in food vendors, live music, and other entertainment.

Lavender Products

Our lavender products are made from our estate grown lavender, which is never treated with pesticides or chemicals of any sort. We hand harvest our lavender, which is bundled and dried outside. Culinary lavender is dried indoors. We distill our lavender onsite in our custom mobile lavender still to make essential oils. Products such as our pure essential oil, hydrosol, and lavender lotions are available year-round in our tasting room. We are continuing to grow our product line with plans to add online sales in the future.

Our Lavender Varieties

Alba (Lavandula x intermedia)

Alba is a lavandin or French variety. It produces creamy white flowers on long stalks. The flowers retain their color beautifully when dry, making for a nice accent for crafting.

Ana Luisa (Lavandula x lanata)

Ana Luisa is a crafting favorite. With large buds, long stems, and silvery foliage, it makes a beautiful dried bouquet.

Betty's Blue (Lavandula angustifolia)

Betty’s Blue has very tight flower heads, making it a favorite for crafters. It is compact, making it a nice accent plant in a container or rock garden.

Buena Vista (Lavandula angustifolia)

One of the most wonderful things about Buena Vista lavender is that it blooms continuously throughout the season. It is very fragrant and popular for culinary use.

Folgate (Lavandula angustifolia)

Folgate is one of the first lavender to bloom in the spring. It is one of the best oil producers and, with a unique light blueish purple flower, is a top choice for cut flowers.

Gros Bleu (Lavandula x intermedia)

Gros Bleu, a French lavandin, is known for its long flower heads and deep purple flowers. It is wonderful for crafting, especially wand and wreath making, due to the long stems.

Grosso (Lavandula x intermedia)

Grosso is a lavandin, or French, variety. It is one of the most commonly used lavenders for oil production due to its outstanding fragrance.

Impress Purple (Lavandula x intermedia)

Impress Purple is a lavandin, or French lavender, variety. It has rich, dark purple flower spikes with long stems, making it perfect for cutting.

Irene Doyal (Lavandula angustifolia)

Irene Doyle often blooms twice during the season. With violet-blue flowers, it is a nice variety for gardens. It is also very fragrant and good for culinary use as well as oil.

Maillette (Lavandula angustifolia)

Maillette is a versatile lavender with crafting and culinary uses. It is also an abundant oil producer with a sweet fragrance, making it a favorite in aromatherapy applications.

Melissa (Lavandula angustifolia)

Melissa lavender has a pale pink flower with a white bud. Beautiful when mixed in a fresh bouquet of more traditional lavender colors. Also has a unique flavor that is good in savory dishes.

Melissa Lilac (Lavandula angustifolia)

Melissa Lilac has a silvery foliage and dark purple flower spikes, making it a very nice choice for dried flowers. Used mostly for crafting.

Miss Katherine (Lavandula angustifolia)

Miss Katherine has the most beautiful light pink flowers. This lighter variety is a lovely addition to crafts, adding a bit of brightness among the purple varieties.

Opal Rain (Lavandula angustifolia)

Opal Rain is one of the newest cultivars of lavender. This unique culinary lavender tastes lovely in sweet foods like jams and cookies. The beautiful pink flowers also have a sweet fragrance.

Royal Velvet (Lavandula angustifolia)

Royal Velvet has beautiful dark blue and purple blooms. These lavender hold their color very well when dried. Great for culinary use, crafting, and oil production.

Super Blue (Lavandula angustifolia)

Super Blue holds true to its name. With deep blueish purple flowers, it is a great lavender for crafting. Incorporate this lavender in wreaths, crowns, or simple bundles for a super beautiful look.

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